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How to buy a DNL2 eBook

If you have not already download, please download and install the free DNL Reader app from Android marketplace to your Android device. Then start the the app and follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Login to DNLeBooks.com

Click Login Now to login to DNLeBooks.com. If you do not have an account at DNLeBooks.com, please create one at: http://www.dnlebooks.com or click the Sign Up button. Registering with DNLeBooks.com is free.

Step 2. Select an eBook to purchase.

Search or browse to the eBook then click on the title of the eBook to get more information about the eBook. Please note: some eBooks may not be available for purchase in your region. Available eBooks are marked with the “$ Buy” symbol.

Step 3. Add to Cart

Click on Add to Cart to add the Book to your shopping cart.

Note: If the eBook is available in your region, then

Step 4. View Cart

Click on View Cart to see your shopping cart, then on Check Out to begin the check out process. The confirm ant complete the purchase process.

Step 5. Download eBook

After a successful purchase, click the Download button to download the eBook to your device then close the download screen.

Step 6. Find the eBook in your bookshelf.

On the home screen click on My eBooks, and then click on your eBook in the bookshelf to start reading.

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